What Etobicoke Homeowners Need to Know about Building New Home Additions

Etobicoke Homeowners Building New Home Additions
Every day there are more homeowners in Etobicoke and around the GTA who choose to build new home additions to get more space out of their current homes. A choice that can be practical and financially sound compared to buying a new home.
Not only can building new home additions accommodate your family’s living space needs, it can also very well increase the return on your investment for your home too. From adding just a few extra square feet to a room, or adding an entire new level to your already existing home, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to building new home additions.
With all the benefits of building new home additions, undertaking such a project without the proper preparation can have potentially serious financial drawbacks. If you and your family are looking to add new home additions to your property in Etobicoke, make sure to consult with a professional licensed general contractor to avoid these common mistakes.
Don’t Make These Simple Mistakescondo renovation
1) Attempting to build a new home addition as a DIY project
Unless you are an experienced and licensed general contractor and are capable of undertaking a new home addition from design to build, do not try to pinch a penny by attempting to take on the task yourself. A new home addition is not a small project; it requires licensed professionals who are qualified to construct and build on home properties. Most new home additions in Etobicoke require a building permit to begin construction. Although homeowners can apply for one from the City of Toronto Building office themselves, it is best to consult with a reputable general contractor first.
2) Applying for a building permit without consulting a general contractor
You may have your building plans for your new home addition all set and ready to go. It is still highly recommended to select an experienced general contractor to talk over your plans and come up with a final design prior to applying for a building permit from the City of Toronto Building office. When homeowners take out a building permit prior to consulting a general contractor they are making a costly mistake. It is understandable why homeowners want to begin the steps to building a new home addition immediately, but it is always best to wait until they have consulted with a general contractor. By consulting with a contractor in advance, the extra fees that may be incurred for any changes to the building plan can be easily avoided.
3) Not being prepared for renovation obstacles
As mentioned before, building a new home addition is not a small project. Like most other home improvement projects, difficulties and problems can spring up on homeowners, sometimes one right after the other. Being mentally and financially flexible to face such obstacles can ensure that the addition will be completed with minimal frustration. A general contractor can help homeowners prepare themselves by assisting with the creation of practical building plans, guiding them through a sound budgeting process and alerting them to any possible issues on the horizon.