Choosing the “Right” Countertops

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The Truth is in your Gut
Choosing the right finishes for a kitchen can be difficult. The “right” finishes can mean a lot of things, because everyone has their own opinion of what is the “right” choice for a kitchen. Trust-Your-GutThe other difficulty is that there are many finishes for every part of the kitchen. For instance, if you are looking for a granite countertop, which of course is an extremely popular countertop to choose, your decision is going to be quite difficult. You will be able to choose from thousands of styles of granite countertops, and every person who sees them, is going to choose a different style. You should always focus on what you truly like, and take others’ opinions in to consideration. Pro-line and I have similar views on choices, they say “listen to your sports gut”, I say “listen to your kitchen gut”! It is important that you choose a countertop that you like and that you will enjoy. After all, you are spending more time in your kitchen than anyone else.

The Revolving Kitchen
I personally feel that your kitchen decisions and designs should begin with the choice of your countertops. Expensive-Stone-Backsplash-Bright-White-Spring-Granite-Top-to-Beautify-Vintage-Kitchen-Interior-Decor-with-Lighting-on-Backsplash-Leather-StoolsThe countertops tend to become the focal point of your kitchen, especially if you are planning to build an island in your kitchen. Normally your island will be the largest single item in your kitchen. Your island also tends to be the in centre of your kitchen. Being the centre of your kitchen, everything else revolves around it. Think of your island like the sun, many of your plans and activities during your life are based around the sun, just like your kitchen renovation is based around your centre island.

No Need for a Clean-up Crew
I am sure you have noticed that stone slab countertops are much more common than stainless steel or wood countertops. The reason for this is due to the simplicity of cleaning these stone countertops. i-hate-cleaning1I always recommend to others that they should choose countertops that are made of a smooth and reflective material. From my personal experience, I have noticed that large slabs of stone allow for you to minimize grout lines and to create a smooth and easy-to clean surface.

The Routes to Success

The goal of this blog is to help guide you down the right pathway for choosing kitchen countertops. To give you a direct route to choosing the “right” kitchen countertops, I recommend choosing a countertop that woodcountertopmakes you happy. If it means taking care of it all the time and needing to treat it carefully, then choosing a wood countertop is a great idea. If you are the type of person that has a passion for modern and slick kitchens, then choosing a white stone or stainless steel countertopstainless_steel_kitchen can be a great choice. If you like a classic style and you do not particularly like cleaning your kitchen, or want to spend little time maintaining your countertops, than a stone countertop with some colour in it is the best choice for you. The stone countertop can hide some unpleasantries, therefore allowing you to enjoy life, rather than spending it cleaning your kitchen!



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