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Building New Home Additions in Burlington Instead of Buying a New Home

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New home additions in Burlington are an intelligent home improvement project that many homeowners are now making a trend of. New home additions seem to be the best way to get the most out of your current home. As lifestyles change and families grow, homeowners can alter their current residences to adapt to changes. Whether you need a larger dining area to entertain guests or even a whole new master suite bedroom, homeowners are forgetting about moving, opting instead for additions to their current homes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enlarging and getting the most out of your current home.


Types of New Home Additions

Depending on how much space you have to work with on your property, there can be a number of different ways a new home addition can increase the value of your home while providing joy and comfort for you and your family. Instead of purchasing a new home to satisfy your family’s needs, consider some of these new home addition ideas.


custom home builders, home additions, home renovations1) Increase the Square Footage of a Living Space

Have you always wanted to design your own home theatre where you can entertain your friends but currently don’t have the space in your living room to do so? You don’t need to buy a new house to find that perfect living room. A room extension is an increasingly common home addition that many homeowners have opted for.


2) Master Suite Bedroomhome additions, custom home builders, home builders toronto

Just as a room extension is possible for homeowners to get the most out of their home, it is also possible to outright build new bedrooms and master suites. It is common for bungalow owners to add an entire new level to their home. Expecting families with a baby on the way can build a new bedroom for the newborn instead of moving to a new home.


custom home builders, home additions, home renovations3) Additional Garage

Homeowners with families will notice, as the kids grow up and start getting their driver’s licenses, that the driveway has become cluttered with cars. A garage addition to a home is a simple way homeowners can increase the value of their home while enjoying the extra space and security of a new carport.


4) Solarium or Greenroomcustom home builders, home additions, home renovations

If you are a gardener with a green thumb, why not build a solarium or greenroom so you can grow your flowers and plants all year round. If you have a terrace or veranda, a skilled and experienced general contractor can convert it to a state of the art solarium where you can enjoy your gardening even in the dead of winter.


Prepare Yourself but Don’t Do It Yourself

Building a new home addition is an excellent way to get the most out of your home, but it is not an easy project by any means. Qualified and reputable general contractors who are experienced with new home additions should be hired to help you build your dreams. Burlington homeowners can prepare themselves by researching the possible costs and fees they will incur when building a new addition to their home. By contacting a qualified general contractor, homeowners can fill out the city building permitapplication forms efficiently and correctly so as to ensure all planning and construction goes smoothly