Building a New Home Addition in Port Credit


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There is an old saying that goes “a house is not a home.” Sometimes it takes years for a new house to start to actually feel like your home. Once it does, the family home truly becomes your humble abode where you are most comfortable and happy. As life quickly changes and your family grows, it is no wonder that homeowners, sometimes hastily, consider moving to a larger home to satisfy their needs. Homeowners sometimes rush into moving, unaware of the joys and benefits of building a new home addition and satisfying their family’s spatial needs by getting the most out of their current property.

Indeed, the larger your home is, the more possibilities there are for living and entertaining. With the help of a knowledgeable and skilled general contractor, you can turn your current property in beautiful Port Credit into your dream home by simply building a new home addition.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

If you and your family are considering upsizing your dwelling, you can easily do so in an affordable and timely manner by building a new home addition. Whether you need a bigger garage for your cars or if you’re an expecting family in need of a new bedroom, a new home addition can be more advantageous for you than moving into a new house. While there are many advantages to building a new home addition, there are also some disadvantages to consider before the construction begins.

Increased square footage
Increased resale value
Increased living space
Increased entertainment space
Maximizing available space
Your home will be a construction site for some time
Unprepared costs
Possible loss on investment depending on the housing market
Increased future utility costs
Loss of property space (i.e. yard, lawn)

Building Permits for Building a New Home Addition in Port Credit

Prior to building or renovating projects commencing on a residential property, such as the building of a new home addition, the City of Mississauga requires homeowners to first apply for a building permit. Before applying for a building permit, you must check the relevant zoning by-laws to ensure if you even need a building permit as well as exactly what you are allowed to build on your property. It is illegal to perform any building or renovation of your property if you’re project requires a building permit. The City of Mississauga requires you to have a building permit if you plan to:
Construct a new building, house, or standalone structure greater than 10m2(107.64 ft2)
Construct a new home addition
Renovate, repair, or add to a building
Demolish or remove all or a portion of a building

The fees for the construction of a new home addition in Port Credit can be found here as well as here.


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Don’t Do It Alone, Hire a Contractor

You’ve finally saved enough funds for that new home addition project you’ve been thinking about all year. You even have in mind exactly what you want to get done. Great! But don’t make the critical mistake of taking on this project alone. Before you even think about applying for a building permit, call around to some local professional general contractors and discuss your plans, goals, and family’s needs, and any good contractor will gladly help you along on your journey to ensure that your building plans go off without a hitch.