Building a New Home Addition in Oakville


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Have you ever wished you had more space in your home? At the time of purchasing a home, homeowners sometimes underestimate or overlook their future housing needs. As families grow and life evolves, our needs change and it becomes inevitable that our homes need to change as well. But homeowners in Oakville need not make plans to move right away. Is there a baby on the way? Expecting parents in Oakville waiting for their own addition to the family can also build a new home addition to accommodate space for the newborn. Is there a chef in the family? You can increase the size of your kitchen so the master can hone their craft in style

DSC_6744and comfort. The sky is the limit when it comes to how many different options homeowners in Oakville have for building new home additions.

Ideas for New Home Additions

With the help of a skilled and knowledgeable general contractor with years of experience, you can quite literally design and build anything you can imagine to improve and customize the home you currently live in. Build the home you want and modify it to your specific needs and liking.

Here are some ideas for new home additions:
Solarium or sunroom
Master suite
Additional levels
Increase square footage in living spaces

Building Permits for New Home Additions in Oakville

To begin any kind of construction, demolition, renovation, or addition work on your home, it is required by the Town of Oakville to have a building permit. The Town of Oakville requires residents having work done on their homes to comply with zoning by-laws, building codes, and other regulatory measures. The following is a list of new home additions that require a building permit:
Structures with plumbing
Addition of a garage
Addition of a room

Finishing basements
Constructing accessory buildings such as sheds larger than 107 square-feet
Raising a house
Excavating a basement to increase headroom
To apply for a building permit from the Town of Oakville, homeowners need to fill out the respective forms that can be found here.

Homeowners should also be prepared for the administrative fees that are involved with acquiring a building permit. Those can also be found on the Town of Oakville’s website here. It is highly recommended that homeowners seek the advice of an experienced general contractor prior to applying for a building permit. A reputable general contractor can help you guarantee your success in acquiring a permit with the necessary paperwork, fast tracking your way to building the new home addition that’s right for you.

The Best in Oakville Home Additions

Oakville homeowners looking to increase their living space in any shape or form while also generate a greater return on their investment don’t have to look far for help in creating their dream home. With world-class customer service in multiple languages and guaranteed use of the best practices when it comes to building, Design Spec Building Group is a top choice for your new home addition needs.